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Social responsibility

Business efficiency and social commitment

Ilunion reciclado, true to the social commitment of the organization to which it belongs, incorporates in its staff workers with disabilities who daily demonstrate their high skills and efficiency.

ILUNION Link to Grupo fundosa (opens  new window) is the business division created by Fundación ONCE Link to Fundacion Once (opens  new window) in order to generate and manage jobs for people with disabilities. For this reason, Grupo Fundosa develops profitable business activities, by reaching strategic alliances with outside companies to enable them to integrate people with disabilities in their workforces.

There are more than 15,000 people working in more than 70 owned and shared companies by Fundosa, out of which the great majority are persons with disabilities. Their competitiveness and professionalism shown every day, prove that effectiveness and economic profitability are compatible with social commitment.

Alternative Measures

Companies with 50 or more workers in its staff, are oblied, through the Law of Social and Labour Integration of Disabled People (LISMI), to reserve a 2% of their workforce for disabled workers. Hirings which in turn are strongly subsidized. When there is failure in this area and the reasons are justified as determined by law, the company is eligible for alternative measureslink to Fundosa Group (open in new windows) that are regulated by the Real Decreto 364/2005 and comprising substitute mechanisms that enable regulatory compliance by purchasing goods or services from special employment centers or donation or sponsorship of activities aimed at job placement for the group of people with disabilities.

While this alternative enables compliance with the law, it is meant as an exceptional and temporary opportunity that provides a temporary space to undertake actions for the effective enforcement of LISMI and Equal Opportunities Law (LIONDAU) favoring close encounter with workers with disabilities, although indirectly, providing services to the company and preparing the company for it to be accessible and inclusive of diversity.

From this perspective, which reflects the spirit of the law, the alternative measures are a way to create jobs, although indirectly for the company, this way reverts directly into the group of people with disabilities.

For more information about Socially Responsible Public Contracting you may visit the following link.Link to Socially Responsible Public Contracting (opens new window)

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